Watch our sponsored UNGC webinar below on reducing scope 3 emissions

Find out how we are addressing the challenges faced when working with supply chains to reduce scope 3 emissions which are indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain. 

Inconsistent supplier emissions data is a challenge for many businesses when reducing Scope 3 emissions. We are working to address this challenge by asking suppliers to use a consistent methodology when measuring and reporting their emissions.

We also conduct lifecycle assessments to inform where our emission hotspots are in our supply chain. This helps us to reduce these emissions by design, be it physical, material or systemic.

Watch the webinar to find out more. 

UN Global Compact Network UK: Reducing Scope 3 Emissions

Reducing our Emissions

Through our Environmental Steering Group we have achieved some many accolades to date. A key milestone in our sustainability journey was becoming one of the first in the industry to achieve B Corp status - an external validation that we are doing precisely what we say we will do. However, we recognise that there is so much more that we can continue to work towards.

•    Infrastructure: Our UK and Malaysia sites now use 100% LED lighting, with our US site aiming to switch over fully by 2022. 
•    Building for the future: This year we began building our new facility in Witney, Oxfordshire. The building will be included in the top 25% of buildings assessed through BREEAM, using modern technology and ecological practices to reduce its impact on the environment and promote local biodiversity. 
•    Processes: We introduced a new waste management method at one of our UK sites that results in a 90% reduction in transport and improved the opportunity for recycling.
•    Logistics: Our third party UK storage and fulfilment services were consolidated down from three to one service provider, eliminating all replenishment transport, resulting in shorter lead times to our customers and saving over 24,000 miles in transportation. 
•    Going paperless: Along with our finance department, our HR team is now also operating paper free. In 2021 we launched our online HR platform in the UK, transitioning to a paper-free system that manages all HR and finance processes for our associates.
•    Utilising renewable energy: The electricity supplies in our UK and French sites are supplied by green energy tariffs, and a percentage of energy for our UK sites is supplied from local solar sources.