Owen Mumford launches Unistik® Heelstik neonatal and paediatric capillary blood sampling devices

October 2023

OXFORD, England, 30 October – Owen Mumford Ltd has launched Unistik Heelstik, a neonatal and paediatric capillary blood sampling range designed for convenience and low pain use with newborns and older babies. The range consists of four blood sampling devices, each designed for a specific development stage. Unistik Heelstik Toddler, Full Term, Preemie, and Micro Preemie will provide effective capillary blood sampling for each of these key periods.

Neonatal and paediatric capillary sampling has its own unique challenges. Obtaining an adequate sample volume with a single incision and minimising discomfort for the baby are top priorities. The Unistik Heelstik devices are designed specifically to meet these challenges. A clearly visible alignment arrow allows for precise lancet positioning to ensure a quick and optimal procedure. Manual activation enables the user to discharge the device with confidence to obtain the right sample first time.

Unistik Heelstik devices are designed to reach only the superficial blood vessels, without penetrating deep enough to reach dermal pain fibres. The devices are compliant with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for penetration depth and use a sterilised motion blade, rather than a puncture, with penetration depths of 0.65mm for very small preterm babies, 0.85mm for preterm, 1mm for full term babies and 1.5mm for older babies, up to toddlers. Once contact is made, the blade automatically retracts into the device to minimise the risk of injury, re-use, and cross-infection. This type of device results in less pain for the baby[1], less distress for the family, and more confidence in procedure. Each device is individually sealed to guarantee five years of shelf life from manufacture and ensure sterility.

“Owen Mumford is a leader in capillary blood sampling devices and understands the need for a wider choice of devices for neonatal and paediatric medical care that can ensure effective and safe procedures for both the healthcare professional (HCP) and patient,” said Adam Mumford, Director, Medical Devices at Owen Mumford. “The Unistik Heelstik range provides HCPs with four devices for safe and efficient capillary blood sampling covering four developmental stages – each having their own set of unique parameters to help reduce risk of discomfort and guarantee effective procedure.”

The Unistik Heelstik portfolio offers a greater range of variants for HCPs, offering devices specifically designed for four key ages and weights to deliver safe and efficient blood sampling. For more information on the range, please visit q2tnu9.full-domains.com/en/medical-devices/unistik-heelstik.

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