Positive Progress in Simple Steps

Painful sex is a very distressing problem, which may have a detrimental effect on relationships with partners. Thousands of women experience painful intercourse or problems with vaginal penetration, so you will be relieved to know that you are not alone. Amielle® Comfort vaginal dilators have been developed to help in the treatment of conditions that cause painful sex.

Effective Treatment in the Comfort of Your Home

The Amielle® Comfort is a vaginal dilator that has been designed specifically to provide gentle, at home, self-treatment for women experiencing painful vaginal penetration. Vaginal dilators work to strengthen and ‘train’ the muscles of the vagina for many reasons including following surgery or medical treatment.

Amielle® Comfort vaginal dilators offer an effective way to take an active role in your treatment in the privacy and comfort of your home. Used daily for 5 minutes, the treatment is simple, safe and effective in many cases.

Vaginal dilators can help to treat conditions such as vaginismus (an involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles) and dyspareunia. If you experience pain before, during or after sexual intercourse, this is known as dyspareunia.

Vaginal Dilators Designed to Help You Build Your Confidence

Developed in conjunction with psychosexual therapists, Amielle® Comfort vaginal dilators help you familiarise yourself with your body and build your confidence until you feel able to progress to natural penetration with your partner.

Amielle® Comfort vaginal dilators start at a size of just 1.5cm diameter, allowing you to start small and gradually move up the range at a pace which is comfortable and safe for you. The aim is to progress until your vaginal muscles are comfortable being dilated enough to avoid pain or discomfort during penetration.

The vaginal dilator set includes:
•    5 graduated dilators (diameters1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 2.8cm and 3cm)
•    A universal secure-locking handle to make dilator insertion and removal easier
•    Instructions for use

"It is important that the woman receives a range of incrementally sized dilators and works collaboratively with a psychosexual therapist to overcome her difficulties with penetration".

Trudy Hannington – Psychosexual Therapist.

Amielle® Comfort Vaginal Dilator - Benefits

  • Designed with your comfort in mind. Amielle® Comfort’s vaginal dilators have a smooth surface with rounded tip is designed to facilitate comfortable insertion, plus is easy to clean after use with soapy water
  • Easy to use Twist & Lock handle. Amielle® Comfort’s specially designed twist lock handle is compatible with all dilator sizes to assist with handling and controlled safe insertion and removal.
  • Clear instructions: Your Amielle® Comfort kit comes with clear instructions for use along with a DVD video guide so you can be reassured on how to use your new set of dilators properly. Instructional tutorials are also available online.

The Amielle® Comfort vaginal dilator has been created to provide a gentle treatment option that you can be undertaken in the comfort and privacy of home and allows women to decide the pace of treatment that works best for them.

You can buy the Amielle® Comfort vaginal dilator online from the  Medical Shop (link below) for fast, discreet delivery to your home. 



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