Advancing Diabetes Care with Innovative Medical Devices

Our injection pens and needles, essential medical devices for diabetes, are meticulously designed to facilitate the administration of injectable medications, thereby promoting an effective injection technique.

Owen Mumford has a wealth of experience in the field of diabetes care, having introduced the world's first re-usable automatic insulin delivery pen, a breakthrough in the diabetes management devices landscape. Our unwavering commitment lies in collaborating with leading medical device and pharmaceutical partners, healthcare professionals, and patients. This enables us to innovate and design diabetes management devices, aiding in making diabetes treatment regimens easier to manage. In line with this, our products also encompass blood glucose monitoring devices, designed to encourage regular glucose testing and management of blood glucose levels. 


Unifine® SafeControl® image

Unifine® SafeControl®

Active safety pen needle designed to protect those who administer injections by balancing both safety and control during the injection process.
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Unifine® Pentips signpost image

Unifine® Pentips®

High quality pen needles designed for comfort.
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A reusable insulin cartridge delivery pen that delivers a pre-defined insulin dosage with minimal force making treatment easier for all ages.
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Unifine® Pentips® Plus

The first all-in-one pen needle with a built-in remover.
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Pen needles designed for everyday use.
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Autoject® 2

Automatic Injection Aid makes syringe self-injection simple, convenient and more manageable.
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