A spring-free, passive safety device for 2.25mL pre-filled syringes

UniSafe® 2.25mL has the same safety features and simple user technique as UniSafe® 1mL, but it is designed for higher volume and higher viscosity drugs, making it ideal for administering biologics and biosimilars. This helps to meet the growing need for subcutaneous administration of biologics, and associated emergence of 2.25mL syringes and the need for safety devices with which to administer them.

Safety syringe designed for simple assembly and use

Our safety syringe products have been designed with the patient needs at the forefront of mind and to simplify your development process. We pride ourselves on our expertise, support and the personal offering we deliver to our customers.

UniSafe® 2.25mL is compatible with multiple 2.25mL syringes including both cropped and small round flange designs. Its simple five-part, springless design makes the product less intimidating for users, but also facilitates assembly for manufacturers.

UniSafe® 2.25mL is available with coloured finger flanges.

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