Aidaptus® versatile design, intuitive delivery

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services have a proven track record and broad experience of auto-injector development, manufacture and supply. We are now proud to deliver our latest innovation Aidaptus® 2-step single-use auto-injector. 

Aidaptus® auto-injector is compatible with either a 1mL or 2.25mL prefilled syringe, with a minimal number of change parts, in the same base device whilst maintaining its small, discreet size.

Fill volume flexibility

Aidaptus® auto-injector has a novel self-adjusting plunger which automatically adapts to a range of syringe fill volume options without any changes to the device and with no change in parts. Aidaptus® therefore offers benefits to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries helping to reduce risk during drug development and lifecycle management.

Aidaptus® versatile design, intuitive delivery

  • Automatic needle shielding before, during and after use, helps with needle phobia.
  • Visual feedback via a bright yellow plunger rod visible through a large window.
  • Audible feedback via a ‘click’ at the start and end of injection.
  • Small, discreet, lightweight design, enables user to incorporate into daily routine.
  • Anti-roll feature, helps convenience.
  • Ergonomic cap for ease of use with multiple RNSs.
  • Automatic needle insertion and drug delivery which enables consistency of injection experience.
  • Independent 2 phase needle insertion and drug delivery, limiting impact forces on the syringe, which reduces the risk of syringe breakages.
  • Patented technology gives true platform benefits in robustness and also reduced time to market, cost and risk.

Intuitive patient-centric design

Aidaptus® auto-injector combines innovative patient-centric design and novel technologies delivering a device with clear features and benefits. The device has automatic needle shielding providing protection from needlestick injuries before, during and after use while also helping to reduce needle phobia. Aidaptus® is intuitive with automatic needle insertion and simple steps for use as well as providing user confidence that the injection has been successfully completed via both audible and visual feedback. 


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